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Pre Wedding
Pre-wedding photography in Penang is as unique and diverse as Penang itself. From the sandy beaches of Batu Ferringhi to the old-world charm of Peranakan and pre-war buildings or even the quaint jetty settlements, couples have a variety of locations to choose from. With Penang’s listing as a Unesco World Heritage Site, you need a Penang-based pre-wedding photographer like Jooi Wah who is able to understand the characters of each location and use them to create beautiful pre-wedding snapshots for you.


Ken & Carman Pre Wedding @ Penang
Jezz & Sharon Pre Wedding Photo @ Ipoh & Penang
Ben & Carmen Pre Wedding @ Penang
Ben & Mei Zhi Pre Wedding Photo @ Penang
Chin Soon & Pearly Pre Wedding Photo @ Penang
Craigh & Benita Pre Wedding Photo @ Penang
Ngiam & Chantal Pre Wedding Photo @ Penang
Alex & Fioni Pre Wedding Photo @ Penang
Max & Cecelia Pre Wedding Photo @ Penang
Sheng Jwoh & Yi Chee @ Penang Pre-wedding Photograph

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Wedding Actual Day
Weddings in Malaysia can range from grand hotel receptions, homely kenduri’s, 10-course dinners, traditional week-long celebrations, or a simple Church wedding. Whatever your style of wedding is like, a Malaysian wedding photographer such as Jooi Wah would be able to capture the essence of it in your wedding photos.


Johnny + Jenny Wedding @ Sungai Petani
CK & Shermaine Wedding @ Penang Jen Hotel
Michael & May Wedding @ Bukit Jalil Golf Club
Ped & Shirley Wedding @ Carcosa Seri Negara
Craig & Benita Wedding @ Penang Hill
Tong Nee & Woan Shien Wedding @ Seberang Jaya Sunway Convention Center
Nicholas & Jasmine Wedding @ Penang Hotel Jen
Chee Chow & Yong Chyn Wedding @ Penang Ming Garden Restaurant
Jordan & Jeslyn Wedding @ Penang Golden Sand Resort
Jonathan & Lie Kim Wedding @ Penang Park Royal Hotel
Han Beng & Nina Wedding @ Penang Park Royal Hotel
Isaac & Charis Wedding @ Alor Setar Star City Hotel
Kennon & Mabel Wedding @ Penang Hard Rock Hotel
Johann & Joanne Wedding @ Renaissance Hotel
Boon Wei & Carol Wedding @ Jawi Golf Club
Kwang Yip & Yee Wen Wedding @ Penang Redrock Hotel
Chu Pin & Yusliana Wedding @ Bukit Mertajam Jit Sin School Hall
Chin Yee & Guat Im Wedding @ Penang Paradise Hotel
Nicholas & Winnie Wedding @ Penang Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel
Vincent & Stephy Wedding @ Penang Vistana
Boon Hun & Tze Fen Wedding @ Penang Copthorne
Bernard & Lee Yan Wedding @ Holy Rosary Church
Bala & Darch Wedding @ Penang Shang Wu School Hall
Joseph & Carmen Wedding @ Penang Hydro Hotel
Fei & Kim Wedding @ Penang Safira Club
Gerrald & Marie Wedding @ Penang St. George Church
YT & Wen Chin Wedding @ Alor Setar
Terence & Joycelyn Wedding @ Setiawan
Patrick & Lay Hoon Wedding @ Penang Paradise Hotel
Jee Beng & Bee Bee Wedding @ Penang Peranakan Mansion
Kelvin Ooi & Shirley Loo Wedding @ Penang E&O Hotel
Dr.Bernard & Nancy Wedding @ Penang Island Plaza Forum Restorant